Thursday, 9 June 2011

2 Globe or not 2 Globe? that is the question

As a global citizen, I embrace many aspects of globalization. But where should I draw the line? I agree, that the issues of worker rights, and gender equality, all need our attention. I do not agree, with how transnationals often take advantage of the developing countries. I am very happy to hear that many transnationals are in fact working towards treating more and more of such countries, with respect, and I hope to see the day where everyone can benefit from the advancements in technology. When everyone can access the information on the internet, no matter what language they speak. There is something to be said for globalization. Even though it has caused a lot of damage in the past, it is also bringing about change in the world, that not only mends the wounds it inflicted, but also the wounds that were already there, such as the separation of cultures, and exclusion of different people such as African Americans and women. We are all in this together, we all share "Spaceship Earth" and we need to take care of it, and each other. Globalization is helping us heal the wounds from past battles, and even though it was a factor in creating those wounds, it has benefited many and will hopefully continue to do so until everyone benefits from the long history of globalization. As a global citizen, I believe that globalization has a chance of helping the world and should be embraced, though there are a few facts that cannot be ignored. People groups were wiped out when Europeans and other large countries moved onto the land, the digital divide is still very large and excludes many from the benefits of technology, and there are still transnationals that take advantage of developing countries.

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